Friday, April 26, 2013

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

I'm so excited to be an American, a Texan and a Dallasite today! There's definitely a buzz in the air knowing that all five living presidents are in attendance.


I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to be GWB. And I'm wonder what's going on while spectators and dignitaries are taking seats.

Is Condi there?
Are snarky remarks being made between the presidents?
What will Laura Bush be wearing?
I hope GHWB is feeling well.
I can't wait to see the white-haired, strong matriarch of the family, Barbara.
What must she be thinking -- Barb?

I read that it's the first Leed Certified presidential library. It's also the smallest building on the SMU campus. Don't even go there.....



Thank you, President Obama, for visiting West, Texas today, too.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Sucks

I'm so over this week. With all the news, which I deplore watching, has me sad and downtrodden -- even angry! In fact, I'm pretty much over the whole month of April, in general.


April Fool's Day kicks us in the proverbial nuts right off the bat

IRS tax filing deadline - to abscond whatever nuts we might have left

Boston Marathon Bombings

Oklahoma City Bombings

Waco-Branch Davidian Standoff (ended in flames)

Hitler was born

Beginning of the Civil War

Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated

Rwanda genocides

Apollo 13 met its demise

Abraham Lincoln assassinated

1906 San Francisco earthquake

U.S.S. Iowa bombing



Rodney King verdict & subsequent rioting in Los Angeles

Titantic sinking


In case you want to join me in misery (after all misery and I love company), check this out. April 20th -

There IS good stuff too. You'll have to pick through this list:  The History Place (April).

Monday, April 08, 2013

Mama's Beans

I posted on facebook the following status update earlier this evening:
"Can youuuu SMELL what my CROCK iiiis coooookiiiiiinnnnn??"

If you know who The Rock is, you'll appreciate the twist on his famous "Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'??!!". (Dwayne Johnson is so delicious. Sorry -- sidebar.)

My house smelled AWESOME when I walked in. I cooked some cornbread from scratch and threw some steaks into the oven. Topped off my meal with chilled clementines. Mmm Mmmm MMM!

So a few of my friends asked me to post the recipe. For them and for you, here it is:

1 pound pinto beans
2 cased links chorizo
1 whole small onion
1 clove garlic
Chili powder to your liking
Fiesta Fajita Seasoning to your liking
1/2 tsp oregano
Big pinch of cumin
Salt to your liking
1-2 shakes of Season All

Rinse the beans and place in the slower cooker.

Add enough water to just cover the beans; about 3 cups.

Turn cooker on high and bring the beans to a boil.  Boil 5 minutes.

Shut cooker off and let the beans soak for 1 hour.

Pour off water.

Re-fill pot with water, or half water mixed with half beef broth.

Add all ingredients and turn the cooker on low. Let cook all day (or overnight).

Watch and stir often.

Alternatives: I've added Rotel to add a bit of a kick.  I've also used vegetable broth instead of beef broth. Lastly, you can cook the beans on a higher temperature, just watch them closely! If you're vegetarian, I'm sure there's a worthy chorizo substitute. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!


Thanks, Mom!