Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Me Too

Sometimes you just want to take your teddy bear into the pool and drift away from all your troubles.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

SoOOoOooOoooOOoO We Got Cats

And let me tell ya, they're the cats meows! They're the cats pajamas! They're swell!

Meet Gabe and Finn. They're five month old brothers. We bought brothers for Sisters. MLO and My Eldest are - how do you sayyy? -- OMGWTFBBQPON!ES over them!

Half-stache on the left, that's Gabe. No-stache on the right, Finn.

These boys were adopted.

I don't know what I'm doing. I've hated cats most of my whole life. I mean the kind of hate just shy of "I wouldn't care if I ran over one". I, like so many others, thought of them as too independent, aloof, mean, moody, and on and on.

The Girls were begging for cats since we didn't have any pets. They've been asking for over a year now. I've hesitated because of several reason to include the extra financial burden, the fact that when we leave town, we'd have to think about the cat(s), I wasn't ready for the extra responsibility (we have enough going on as it is....). The most important hesitation: I am allergic to some cats.

It was a Sunday.

I was picking My Eldest up from work, which is a couple doors down from a Petco.

MLO was with me, of course. As per usual, she asked if she could go inside and look at the cats. My Eldest saw a beta fish display as soon as we walked in and asked if we could get a fish. I said, "sure, why not?", thinking that having a fish will subside the begging for a cat.

MLO was looking at the cats and comes to ask us to look at them with her. On the way to the adoption area, were box turtles. My Eldest asked if we could get that instead of a fish. I told her we'd need to find out the cost, and if I could afford it, we could. I used to have box turtles named Simon and Lana, so I had no objection to this relatively maintenance-free "pet". The three of us go looking for a sales associate, conveniently right past the cat adoption area! (Imagine that?!)

Y'all, these two cats - brothers - were snuggled like a yin & yang in one round bed. Gabe had his whole arm over Finn as if they were huddled together. IT WAS SO HONEY SWEET! I said, "ohmygosh, they are SO CUTE! Whoever adopts them needs to keep them together!". I think I sealed my fate right then and there.

Hanging on the cage next to them were personality description cards that also included their names and ages. The girls read them and each cat's personality matched up with each girl's personality. Oh the squealing and begging that followed was amazingly peerpressure-ish and I caved! I closed my eyes, said, "self, let's be impulsive! Don't think. Just DO!". These two girls were soooo happy! One thing swiftly lead to another and another and I was calling the adoption facility, setting up appointments and asking questions, calculating cost. 

Luckily, I know several cat owners and knew I could rely on them for help. The three of us are new to cat ownership and I just didn't want to screw anything up (like you see on Jackson Galaxy's My Cat from Hell). AND, the best news of all -- I was not allergic to these cats! Yay!

It's been a couple weeks and we couldn't be happier. Once we got them out from under the couch, snuggled them a lotlot, they are bonding with us. 

I love these cats.

I love having them.

I love learning about them.

I love that My Daughters are so immensely happy to have them!

Stay tuned....I'm sure there will be more cat tales!


Thursday, March 09, 2017

Number Nine, It's Time

Le sad sigh....

He's been around for about a third of my life. I've been around for his WHOLE life! Fourteen years, Tony Romo has been the quarterback of the (MY) Dallas Cowboys. He and I have watched each other grow professionally and personally. It's been a heckuva ride!

Le second sad sigh.....

Where do I think he'll end up, if he continues to play professional football? Denver is my gut feeling. Houston would be next. In fact, I'd love to see Houston get Romo! 

Dear Texans,
It's okay to admit you made a very expensive mistake. 
The Weirdly Loyal Fans of the Jerry Jones Ownership Era of the Dallas Cowboys (we should know...)

My heart of hearts wants him to retire from playing football. I have an admiration and respect for NFL players who retire from the same team they started with -- never leaving. I love the reciprocal loyalty in that relationship that exists behind the business of the NFL. This feeling is also a bit selfish on my part because I've felt betrayal by the likes of Emmitt Smith (who should NOT have been allowed to retire as a Cowboy after what he said about the Cowboys when he was on the Cardinals). 

But my heart of my heart of hearts wants him to win a Super Bowl first. Wait -- if he's playing for Washington, Philadelphia or the New York Football Giants -- I don't want that. Pretty much any other team, I approve -- go for it Number Nine!

Back to retiring....  Tones Romes has a young family that's expanding, has enough money to rule Texas, he's revered in Dallas, has a place in the community, is very well connected to football and the Dallas Cowboys organization. After taking some time off, I can see him easily transition to front office or even coaching. The guy is athletically gifted in basketball and golf -- play all day! He is an exceptional craftsman baker "actor" -- CROWNIES! Maybe he could go into "acting" like Peyton Manning has (a million commercials & the occasional skit on late night television shows). 

It's a sad day for me, as a lifelong Cowboys fan. In fact, I think I'm more sad today than I was when Number Eight, Troy Aikman, retired. 

Le third sad sigh....

Tony -- do well, be well. Much love.

Now it's time for me to make a meatball sandwich.