Monday, March 29, 2010

El Paso Poppies

It's March.  Windy.  I'm always taken back to my El Paso days.  In March, the winds blow almost to the point of physical punishment.  If you have long hair, you're guaranteed for a face whipping!  No skirts allowed in March unless they're muy tight!  Scenic Drive and Transmountain Drive will surely be closed due to high winds once or twice in Marzo.  There's nothing like the desert Southwest.....

One of the things I miss most about March in El Paso is the poppies that enflame the Franklin mountains.  It seems to be contradictory to see these lush, rich flowers in bloom in the arid area of Texas. 

Right now, I'm dreamin' of looking out on the horizon and seeing what seems to be a mountain on fire.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nose Deep In It

My Eldest is nine (and a HALF!).  She is an avid reader.  In fact, she will gladly inform you of her excellent reading skills.  (A lesson in humility is being learned, but such a fine line to draw while still nurturing self-confidence, no?)

For the first five years of her life, My Husband, My Eldest and I resided in a small apartment, upstairs in a very small complex in a rather rough part of town.  There were no kids, as most of the community were elderly folks or folks who were post-children-living-at-home.  As a result, My Eldest didn't get much opportunity go outside and play.

Then, after My Little One was born, we rented a home for a year before purchasing our current house.  The neighborhood where we rented didn't have many children, and the ones that were there had stay at home moms with younger children.  Again, borderline rough neighborhood.

We now reside in a lovely area where LOTS of kids are nearby.  My Eldest goes to school and church with many of the children in the surrounding blocks.  Still, to this day, she struggles with the notion of going outside to play.

The other day, I explained to both My Children that while the days are starting to lengthen and the weather is improving, they cannot stay in the house watching TV, reading, playing Wii or any some-such.  Newp.  They are to go OUTSIDE!  And PLAY!  Even WITH EACH OTHER!  My Little One POUNCED at the chance.  My Eldest...meh...notsomuch:

Next step:  remove book.

(Side note:  Even though I was frustrated slightly that she went outside and still read despite the conversation we had just finished, I thought this was absolutely adorable!  This picture very much so captures the essence of My Sweet Eldest.  I will never punish her for reading books....  )

It should be noted, too, that My Eldest has some friends who are twins.  They're very athletic and come to our house often.  Because of them, My Eldest spends a lot more time outside -- NOT reading.  She even learned to ride her bike this Spring WITHOUT training wheels!

Love you, SweetSweet.  xo

Friday, March 05, 2010

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Needing the Sun on the Coast

I don't think it's due to the longer, colder winter. No. I think it's just that every once in a while, I am compelled -- drawn -- lured to the water. I have to have some ocean and sun. I need a beach.  Not a lake.  Not a river.  Not a creek.  No.  I need a beach.  One that stretches far and tickles my toes, my nose.  One that flips my hair about in the wind.  One that makes me close my eyes and makes me smile.

*dreamy sigh*

Never have I done the "Spring Break Thing" where I cart off to some sandy, sunny locale far from my college or home life to act irresponsibly for a week. I think I've done a trip or two to D.C. to visit friends but never have I really taken Spring Break off and done something that's freeing for me.

This year, more than ever, I am attracted to the notion of going far away to the breezy beach and feeling God's warm kiss upon my face. I need to bury my toes in the wet sand. I need the peace that only the water can bring me. I need to look out at the vastness and realize I'm not vast. I need to feel closer to God, and the beach is a good way for me to do just that.  It'd be so wonderful to play cards with My Family.  It'd be weird, but I could sit and read a book.  I could be away from all things electronic.  I could build sand castles and comb for shells with The Kids and My Man!  What about a few drinks without worrying about driving?  Yep.  I could do that, too. 

I could......                      I would...                      I should.........

*dreamy sigh*

I have the time off already (yay!). My kids are out of school that week. My Husband is asking for part of that time off from work as well. I won't go without my family. My Husband and I could benefit from the escape and My Children have never been to the beach. Thankfully, Texas has it all: mountains, desert, flatlands, forest, BEACH (and so much more!). I just hope that the Spring Breakers from colleges 'round the country will be not near the little town I found online. I also hope that the little town I found online has a that little cottage available for My Family so we can stay and be close to God, we can breathe, we can be close to one another, we can

Please, God, I beseech thee...allow Us some beach time. Please. kthnxbye.

(Enjoy the sun-themed music on the MixPod....)

Monday, March 01, 2010

"Hank In Time" Film

Feeling a little generous with that income tax return? Have money to burn? Fan of film-making? Here's a great opportunity for you to throw away invest that money and express your interest! Please help my Austin, Texas based friend Big Dave fund his film "Hank In Time". His goal is a very achieveable $2500 and he's just over $2100 with about 4 days left.