Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reform in the Roman Catholic Church? GASP!

Did you feel the mountains crumble?
Are you drowning in tidal waves and tsunamis?
Do you feel the fires licking burns on your skin and soul?

If you do, it might be because the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope is on the brink of destruction!

This is why I'm asking: LOVE!


The mere suggestion of these possible changes are sure to piss off some conservative traditionalists, and may even estrange them from the Church. I'm positive critics will pull out all kinds of vitriol to denounce the Pope and the Church.

That said, it's refreshing to see this Pope (or ANY Pope, for that matter) share publicly, without hesitation, his vision and hope for reaching out to the masses who left the church or aren't in the church due to Canon Law & various church teachings. If, as a Catholic, you truly believe in the Magisterium of the Church, and the Apostolic Succession of the Pope, you'll concede that the changes suggested are THE DIVINE words and beliefs of GOD moving through these Earthly vessels.

If I come under criticism for supporting these progressive ideas and potential changes, I'm willing to fight that fight. Ultimately, why I believe in God is Love. 

God is because I feel Love from God, God asks me to Love Him back and Love Others. If the Church shuns the divorced, those with alternative lifestyles, politicians denied Eucharist for political actions, people in need for various reasons, it's awfully hard for that shunned person to feel Love, and thus know God. How exactly is that One Body?

Even if you don't believe in God -- or any god -- you know LOVE. You feel it and give it an honor it and hope for it and long to give and receive it. You do! And, in the pure source of love is total acceptance. Everyone. Each one of us. Accepted.

So what's so wrong about the Pope saying these words?

So what's so bad about The Roman Catholic Church pouring out more love?



Read Evangelii Gaudium, the Pope's exhortation. I printed out a copy to read. It'll take me a long time, I know, but I'm going to do it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Never Forget

Dear NY Football Giants,

Thank you for sucking worse than the Cowboys yesterday.

Lifelong Cowboys Fan