Thursday, June 04, 2015

This Is Kinda Where I Am Right Now

Where I'm at:
Learning to love more
Learning to love differently
Learning to love unconditionally (always a work in progress)
Learning to love fear (huh?)
Reading more
Identifying and breaking down my own biases
A bit of self-preservation, which counters some of the above #itsallaboutsurvivalsometimes #oldhabitsarehardtobreak
Aging gracefully
Accepting my body (this is so hard)
Teaching my daughters life skills: how to pump gas, wash dishes, sew a button. One of them is even learning how to drive a car! *pantpantpantexhale*
Finding courage
Putting my voice to "it"
Cradling friends and family in need
A bit of rebelling
Making amends

Where I'm NOT at:
Guilting or feeling guilty (not 100% done with "feeling guilty" - again, so hard - just sick of it ruling me)
Conspiracy theories
News watching
Big Brother policing
Destructive [insert action here]
Shaming and feeling ashamed
on vacation :) (soon. very soon, i hope!)

Basically if I feel any negative energy from you, I don't want to be around you.  Don't allow me to drain your energy or life, please. If I do/have, I'm sorry!

If you give me life and I give you life, let's keep on truckin'.


More to come, I'm sure. Some'll drop off, some'll be added. One thing that'll be constant: LOVE.