Saturday, June 27, 2009

KBD Gets Published!

Yay for my friend KB Dallas! Operation Nice has published a personal experience that KBD wrote and submitted.

How NICE! (click "NICE" for KBD's story.)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My Eldest asked last night if our family could have s'mores for dessert tonight.

Today, My Eldest and my mother-in-law went to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients to make s'mores.

According to My Little One, who was busting at the seams through supper tonight, one drop of water is an ingredient when making s'mores.

Anyway... This is what s'mores looks like in my household:

She even drew a face with the melted chocolate. Notice how pleased she is with herself. Also notice the 'drawings' up and down her hands and arms. I hope this artistic streak produces much fruit when she's an adult.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm freakin' addicted to those damned things!! I really need to break the addiction. I need to surrender the power they have over me to something greather than myself.
It doesn't help that on the way to work daily, I drive past TWO of them!

Those delicious chicken minis have melodic, hypnotizing voices that beckon me. I am allured by their sweetness, the warmth and the comfort they provide.

Seriously. I buy chicken minis at least twice a week. And I order a medium sweet tea. Trying to eat gluten free does not agree with my addiction to these pillow pieces of Heaven.

Make them go away!!

Maybe by writing publicly about my penchant for the greatness of Chick-Fil-A and chicken mini's, their power over me will be diminished and I can draw on the strength of a good, healthy breakfast that is equally satisfying.
Maybe if I start saying in my mind, "chicken minis are made of poop", I'll gross out enough to avoid them all together.
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop
Chicken minis are made of poop

Monday, June 22, 2009

Strep, Anyone?

Even though My Eldest has just had her tonsils & adenoids removed, it looks like we're going to have strep around this house for quite a while. Thanks to our cousin, My Eldest has been given strep -- through the mail!

This is a picture of My Eldest and her strep....

Clever, huh? You can get your own Giant Microbe here.

And thanks KM for the CUTE recovery gift! What a great idea!! xo

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bye Bye Strep!

This is a picture of My Eldest's mouth. It's filled with the bacteria most commonly known as 'strep'. See that pasty white tongue? Yeah -- it smells like ass when she has strep. It's gross to see it all white like that. And swollen.

On Friday, she's going in for surgery; a surgery that, God willing, will terminate her bout with chronic strep. Please pray for her, us and all the medical staff involved. Although Tonisllectomy and Adenoidectomy are both fairly common procedures, I'd like to buy the insurance, please (prayer).

I'll keep you updated accordingly. In the meantime, let's all partake of some Xanax, shall we?