Monday, March 23, 2015

Dallas Cowboys Aren't Just A Football Team

I've been thinking for a few years now that the Dallas Cowboys seem to have this unpublished, unspoken of "rehab" program. So many "problem" players seem to sift through the doors of Valley Ranch, and some of them do alright, I suppose. 

Dez Bryant is a player with a troubled past. He assaulted his own mother, has been accused of assaulting the mother of his child. He seems to have turned a page since the hitting-his-mother incident. He's stayed out of domestic violence trouble and has really produced at a phenomenal rate on the field. The media says he's "matured" or "is maturing". That's one way to describe the positive change in him.

Another controversial teammate is Josh Brent. He's repeatedly been in trouble while on the roster. His offenses include DUI and even murder. He killed fellow team mate Jerry Brown while driving under the influence. He's served time in jail. That whole time, the Cowboys stood by him, supporting him through the ordeal. Josh Brent remains on the team to this day, though he doesn't really play. Not sure what that's all about....

Last week, the Cowboys signed a one year deal with Greg Hardy last week. Greg Hardy has abused his girlfriend in the past -- real, documented, againstthelaw abuse. Yet, he's now a Cowboy. 

Jerry Jones, the owner and GM of the Cowboys has a daughter named Charlotte, who discussed the rationale of signing men who have these sorts of pasts. She cited "support" and "resources" for the perpetrator and the victim. 

Now it's been acknowledged. The hunch I've had for a while now: The Dallas Cowboys are the NFL's rehab.