Sunday, January 01, 2017

Life Lesson #1 for 2017: Detergents Matter

December 31, 2016, I was pretty sick. I guess it was a 24 hour bug or something.

I managed to stir out of bed to run the kiddos to the store so they could pick up a couple things, one being dishwasher detergent (I've caved. I don't mind hand washing, but the dishwasher is a friend now. Life happens, things change, y'know.).

The Three of Us get home & the Little One places a pod in the dishwasher & starts it.

I fall back asleep for a bit.

My Eldest, she's making lunch & as the oven beeps, she steps into a watery kitchen floor. I hear her gripe so I get out of bed & sure enough, there's dishwasher overflow. The garbage disposal has erupted foodgoop, there are frothy bubbles in the sink & a slow-stream finding its way along the tile caulking.

Eldest stops the dishwasher & I tell her to flip the switch to the garbage disposal. She does as I go fetch towels to soak up the waterfloor. I come back and spread out the towels; each of us using our feet to dancemop. Eldest says, "You're so brave!" I guess she thought it was a pretty big deal to run the garbage disposal? *laughing*

We finish the clean up and start the dishwasher again. It finishes its job & we are all merry again.

As I fade back to sleep, I thought it was weird that there was so much froth in the sink.


Today, I awaken and sluggishly start picking up around the house. I venture to the kitchen to do dishes, empty the dishwasher. I open the dishwasher door and wow it smells AMAZING! And the dishes were SO CLEAN; I mean, like, superextrasparklyclean!

My thoughts: Gosh, this smells like laundry! What scent is this?

It rushes in: OMGOSH, did they buy LAUNDRY detergent instead of dishwashing detergent?!

I open the cabinet and sure enough, it was laundry detergent! ha!

At least they're clean. :)


Dear Daughters: Be careful about the type of detergent you pick & how you use it. :P

Dear Me: I guess we have a Plan C?


Happy New Year, All!