Thursday, March 09, 2017

Number Nine, It's Time

Le sad sigh....

He's been around for about a third of my life. I've been around for his WHOLE life! Fourteen years, Tony Romo has been the quarterback of the (MY) Dallas Cowboys. He and I have watched each other grow professionally and personally. It's been a heckuva ride!

Le second sad sigh.....

Where do I think he'll end up, if he continues to play professional football? Denver is my gut feeling. Houston would be next. In fact, I'd love to see Houston get Romo! 

Dear Texans,
It's okay to admit you made a very expensive mistake. 
The Weirdly Loyal Fans of the Jerry Jones Ownership Era of the Dallas Cowboys (we should know...)

My heart of hearts wants him to retire from playing football. I have an admiration and respect for NFL players who retire from the same team they started with -- never leaving. I love the reciprocal loyalty in that relationship that exists behind the business of the NFL. This feeling is also a bit selfish on my part because I've felt betrayal by the likes of Emmitt Smith (who should NOT have been allowed to retire as a Cowboy after what he said about the Cowboys when he was on the Cardinals). 

But my heart of my heart of hearts wants him to win a Super Bowl first. Wait -- if he's playing for Washington, Philadelphia or the New York Football Giants -- I don't want that. Pretty much any other team, I approve -- go for it Number Nine!

Back to retiring....  Tones Romes has a young family that's expanding, has enough money to rule Texas, he's revered in Dallas, has a place in the community, is very well connected to football and the Dallas Cowboys organization. After taking some time off, I can see him easily transition to front office or even coaching. The guy is athletically gifted in basketball and golf -- play all day! He is an exceptional craftsman baker "actor" -- CROWNIES! Maybe he could go into "acting" like Peyton Manning has (a million commercials & the occasional skit on late night television shows). 

It's a sad day for me, as a lifelong Cowboys fan. In fact, I think I'm more sad today than I was when Number Eight, Troy Aikman, retired. 

Le third sad sigh....

Tony -- do well, be well. Much love.

Now it's time for me to make a meatball sandwich.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Life Lesson #1 for 2017: Detergents Matter

December 31, 2016, I was pretty sick. I guess it was a 24 hour bug or something.

I managed to stir out of bed to run the kiddos to the store so they could pick up a couple things, one being dishwasher detergent (I've caved. I don't mind hand washing, but the dishwasher is a friend now. Life happens, things change, y'know.).

The Three of Us get home & the Little One places a pod in the dishwasher & starts it.

I fall back asleep for a bit.

My Eldest, she's making lunch & as the oven beeps, she steps into a watery kitchen floor. I hear her gripe so I get out of bed & sure enough, there's dishwasher overflow. The garbage disposal has erupted foodgoop, there are frothy bubbles in the sink & a slow-stream finding its way along the tile caulking.

Eldest stops the dishwasher & I tell her to flip the switch to the garbage disposal. She does as I go fetch towels to soak up the waterfloor. I come back and spread out the towels; each of us using our feet to dancemop. Eldest says, "You're so brave!" I guess she thought it was a pretty big deal to run the garbage disposal? *laughing*

We finish the clean up and start the dishwasher again. It finishes its job & we are all merry again.

As I fade back to sleep, I thought it was weird that there was so much froth in the sink.


Today, I awaken and sluggishly start picking up around the house. I venture to the kitchen to do dishes, empty the dishwasher. I open the dishwasher door and wow it smells AMAZING! And the dishes were SO CLEAN; I mean, like, superextrasparklyclean!

My thoughts: Gosh, this smells like laundry! What scent is this?

It rushes in: OMGOSH, did they buy LAUNDRY detergent instead of dishwashing detergent?!

I open the cabinet and sure enough, it was laundry detergent! ha!

At least they're clean. :)


Dear Daughters: Be careful about the type of detergent you pick & how you use it. :P

Dear Me: I guess we have a Plan C?


Happy New Year, All!