Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Secret Garden

Life is so fragile.


It's been a tough few weeks for me and some friends and family. I currently have at least three families I know that are dealing with issues of life and death health challenges.  Mix that in with a job coming to an end, and possibly a career, a multitude of decisions to make, changes to endure (all good, I know) -- I just can't keep my focus off of one little tiny baby who reminded everyone that shared in her journey just how precious love and life are.
A friend, whom I met through work circles, invited me into a Secret Garden, if you will. When I entered the door, I quickly learned that his baby girl - the most exquisite Flower - was not meant to be long for this world, as is true with all flowers. 
She was diagnosed with a very serious genetic disorder.  Upon doing research about this disorder, I became more and more humbled and absolutely awed.  The chances of a baby surviving till birth are very slim, and often, they are stillborn.  Tragic. Girls tend to live longer than the boys, if they make it out alive at all.  Even their presence in this world can be shortened at any given second. 
There is NO question that this child, she is Light.  She is meant to shine upon anyone who has crossed her path - directly or indirectly.  (Do you feel the warmth?)  She planted seeds that will continue to bloom foreverandever.

Three weeks.
She lived -- and brought life -- for three.whole.weeks.
She reminded people where to allot their time.
She reminded people that God lives.
She reminded people that sacrifice is hard, but love conquers.
She reminded people that although vulnerable & fragile, the human spirit is a warrior.
She reminded people that we need each other.
She reminded people that relationships trump all material items.
I'm sure she reminded some people of things not even listed here. And her legacy is to continue to remind everyone that knows her story just how to treat one another. What a gift!
Today, she passed away.
God bless The Flower and her family. 

Monday, March 03, 2014

Welcome to Wiktor Wrizght

I confess: I didn't watch any part of The Oscars.

I typically will tune in here and there, but the excitement of my youth has waned and I care less and less about all the Hollywood grandiosity packed into a single room filled with the gamut of humility to downright hedonism. I still do dream of being on the silver screen and the Broadway stage, but through of  series of choices, I am where I am; I am who I am. I'm me, here, now, perfectly the way I'm designed to be.
This morning, I heard a story how John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name - which, in fairness, she's a stage chick. She's a member of the Tony-ratta, not the Oscar-ratta. In any case, how hard is it to read her name? Aside: Good job on landing Taye, Idina!
Then I heard about this bit that is on Slate's website. It's a fun widget called "Travoltify Your Name". I entered "Wonder Whoosh" and the returned result:  Wiktor Wrizght.

Go do yours and post your result!