Saturday, April 05, 2014

Would You Rather....?

MLO had her friend April spend the night last night. These two girls are the most creative pair I've ever met. When they get together, there's very little television to entertain them. They dress up and prance fashion shows, create scavenger hunts, play with their endless supply of Big-eye creatures (for whom they are making a home out of shoe boxes and other odds & ends), and ohhhh all the My Little Pony you can handle in 15 lifetimes! They do some computer things, but mostly it's very imaginative play, and it's freakin' adorable. They get along swimmingly, and it's tortuous when they have to separate from one another. As of I often tell April's mother, I hope our daughters are always friends like that to and with each other.


As I was preparing breakfast for MLO and April this morning, they struck up a game of "Would You Rather?". You've played this game, right? It's a game of hypotheticals -- and a choice has to be made. Often the hypotheticals are the lesser of two evils.

Here are April & MLO's "Would You Rather" scenarios:

MLO:  WYR drink strawberry milk with poop in it or eat a dissected frog, eyes on the side?

April:  Frog. Definitely frog.


April: WYR play vampire baseball & you're the only human & they want to suck your blood or play five whole seasons of kickball without say a word?

MLO:   Vampire cuz I talk a lot.

MLO: WYR catch on fire or explode in a pit of lava?

April:  Catch on fire cuz I can jump in water or wear fire-retardant clothing.


April:  *whispers* WYR be dunked in the Pit of Pain or kiss a man's buttocks?

Yes, I heard it.
Yes, I made her say it out loud.
Yes, I laughed right along with them.

This question remained unanswered. 


MLO:  WYR ride a magical unicorn, it zaps you & turns you into werewolf or eat a cinnamon roll made with poop?

April: Unicorn. Definitely unicorn.


MLO:  WYR become a non-flying Rainbow Dash or kick Fred in the face?

April: Don't mention his name, please. Seriously, don't.


MLO:  WYR be a bat that lives on planet Mmmhmmm or become Superman?

April:  *eats fourth doughnut*


MLO:  WYR poop out rainbows and flowers or ride on a unicorn that turns into Rainbow Dash?

April:  I'm prolly gonna choose A.


So that, my lovies, is an a-typical, typical Saturday morning spent with MLO + April.  

Now....YOU play!