Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moore, Oklahoma

I live in Texas, about an hour south of the Oklahoma -- the Red River. Oklahoma is to Dallas as El Paso is to Juarez, Chihuahua -- they're practically intertwined and even though there's an unspoken discontent, there's a larger respect and harmony that co-exists.

When Oklahoma gets hit by tornadoes, it affects us here in The Big D. So many folks from Oklahoma live here, work here, go to school here. Texans camp and vacation in Oklahoma, some actually (dare I type it?!) go to college there! *gasp* They even *whisper* live there.

We're practically One.


To All Who've Suffered at the Upredictable Fright of Tornadoes,

Please know you're being prayed for, rooted in hope and faith. Humanity uplifts, not destruct, even though media 'teaches' us differently. When times get bad, REALLY bad, like now for y'all, you see and experience the power of the Human Chain.  Sure, there will be hassles from institutions such as insurance companies, hospitals and whatnot, but believe you'll rebound. 

Tornados are nightmarish. I cannot imagine for one second what it is like to be close to one, let alone literally piecing my life back together in the aftermath of one.

My little blog isn't going to help you. I'm here in Texas and though I have a willing heart, I don't have the means to get there to help. But I'll post a link for those selfless, able and/or willing people to show acts of love to you and yours.

Much love and prayers to all of you.


Donate time and energy.