Friday, March 30, 2007

Dream Jobs

1. Sport Illustrated photographer
2. Sports talk radio hostess on 1310 The Ticket (uh, the *first and only* hopefully)
3. Forensic Pathologist for the FBI (came *this* close to making this a reality)
4. Secret Agent for just about any secret government organization that is pursing truth, justice...okay, so this one gets complicated but it's because is *secret*!
5. French linguist travelling with an envoy or diplomat
6. Industrial Pscyhologist
7. Famous person -- on screen or in music -- and famous for my craft, not my personal life!
8. Bar owner
9. Personal Assistant to Simon LeBon would be groovy
10. ..and does trust fund baby count as a job?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Peyton

Did you see Peyton Manning on SNL last night?? OMG how friggin funny! The funniest bit was this bit.

(Okay, I think I like him more and more....even though I hate to admit it!)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Chests 101

This evening, after Me Eldest arrived home from swimming, she showered. The shower is a new thing for her, and it's not really her first choice -- it's mine. It saves time as well as stress on my body (the kneeling, bending, stretching in awkard positions to help wash her hair, etc.). I think she's old enough to take (and actually like) the occasional shower, but it's always a negotiation....

But I digress.

My Eldest has been slightly noticing her chest lately. Sometimes she'll pull her bathing suit down and flash a tit and say, "do you wanna see my booby?". (OMG I am in *so* much trouble in 10 years!). Tonight, in the shower, she puts her hands under her 'boobs' as if to cup them and twists at the waist side to side. She looks down at the 'boobs' and then up at me and says, "do you like my boobies?"

I laugh, entertained. I also freak out, but don't show it.

"Yes, I do." I compliment her.

"Momma. How come God gave little girls flat boobies, but adult girls big ones?"

It's about now that I wish for a Manual of Parenting.

Trying to think on my toes, I kind of make this blanket statement, "well, honey, when you grow up, you'll probably have bigger ones like mommy; however, not all ladies get big ones." (sorry you A cuppers....and offense. Promise!) I continue, "You'll get fuller breasts when you are able to have children." She is still oogling at her anatomy.

She thinks. She puts her hands down and decides it's time to wash her body. I hand her the loofa and squirt some liquid soap on it. She begins to wash. I stand outside the shower still, watching her, wondering if more is coming.

It did.

She stops, looks straight at me. "Well, Momma. I hope when I grow up, that I have some that stand up and out like this," (she puts her hands in front of her breast area as if indicating 'big pekry ones'). She continues matter-of-factly, "...not like the long saggy ones like you have!"


I didn't let that hurt me, really. We shared a laugh, and I simply said, "So do I, Love. So do I."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Who is Number One??

Today, My Little One turns ONE. Yes, a year ago today, I was revelling in the afterglow of childbirth. I was learning to nurse all over again. I was learning to get rest efficiently all over again. I was sucking down a gallon of water, chowing down on a Lenten meal (amazing the hospital knew that!). I was pissed off at the hospital for not bringing my baby to me sooner. I delivered her, we bonded for a brief time, then they swept her away to do all those things they do....but took entirely too long.

I was beaming smiles to my husband and My Eldest. I was wondering 'where the hell is Mom? Why is she doing yardwork instead of being here at the hospital??', and still, 'where the f*** is my baby??!" Buzzing the hospital staff. Talking to the techs as they came in. I didn't give a crap about shift changes, and paperwork, PKU tests, Hepatitis B shot, a bath. Dammit, let me have my baby girl!! (Never mind the hormones, the lack of sleep and the incredible stress my body just endured...)

She finally arrived and I didn't want to put her down. It was all I could to share her. Letting someone else hold her is what I imagine sending your kids off to college must feel like. Gut wrenching. Yet, all the well-wishes and visitors that came our way was amazingly amazing. It was times like My Little One's birth, that I realized just how loved I am. And I thank God.

Today's birthday celebration leaves me feeling no different. Not only do I realize how loved *I* am, I realize to some degree, how much *she* is loved.

Such a sweet and funny girl, she is. A huge ball of sunshine to all of us, whether you know her or not. Smiley when she wakes up, demanding with her food. A joker like you would not believe -- already! A stunning blonde hair, blue eyed masterpiece of a woman. I will enjoy watching her grow and mature. While I'm enjoying it, I'll also be grieving it. :)

Her party was modest and a lot of fun. There were gifts, cake, snacks and unexpected visitors. She entertained everyone. She was in her element! Toward the end of the party, all the little girls dressed up. We had animals and princesses. Little One was a hula girl...and loved every second of it as you can tell by her laugh-filled smile in the picture above.

We solicited contributions to a time capsule for her. We have contributions still en route, too. We asked friends and family to write a note to her and seal it somehow. They were also invited to contribute a token of something historical to this time of the world, or even a personal gift or symbol of her relationship to that person/family. My best friend bought her a bracelet that her name on it. We took it off on her birthday and put it in the time capsule. One of our family friends has a brother who is serving in Iraq. He is going to collect a flag from every country that has flown in the war over Iraq and send it to us. Marvelous! Mommy put in a collectors card of Wonder Woman, and I'll be adding something Duran Duran, too. (If you're reading this and want to contribute, contact me!) She'll open the time capsule at some point in the future such as her 18th birthday, or other monumental occasion. (We did this for Our Eldest, too, who is a Y2K baby.)

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Mommy loves you abysmally and infinitely.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

So tell me what you *really* want....

I'm having a binge day.

So far, no binging (thank God); but I have a revenous beastly craving for a thin crust Pizza Hut pepperoni lovers pizza and a giant gallon of coke so I can burp to have more pizza.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My favorite Duran Duran t-shirt is saved!! The bird poop came out.
Sadly, though, I don't want to wear it anymore. I might need to retire it. Might need to hold services for it. Might need to send it to Simon and maybe he'll send me a new one. (There I go dreaming again....)

But, on my Wish List is this one...which I *reeeeeallllyyyyy* want. It's a baseball style shirt. (hint hint for Birthday 37)

And since I'm being greedy, I want one of the kick-ass track-style jacket:

Okay -- enough Duran Duran clothing blog.

Reach up for the sunrise! Put your hands into the big sky! Reach up for the sunrise! Feel the new day enter your life!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'd Like to Marry [redacted]

Okay, so he's taken...and, well, so am I. But a girl can still dream.....

Besides my own, his is my favorite blog....

In fact, he's my favorite blogger (even over myself!). Of course, I haven't read EVERY SINGLE blogger's blog, but who gives a blog? I'm comfortable with Dan. I appreciate his sarcastic wit, among other things.

He's my blog made in heaven....*sigh*

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Evolution of a Ferocious Omnivore

Nine days before her first birthday, My Little One has *finally* revealed her first tooth!! What a grand one it is!

She gave her grandmother a hard time all day today. Cranky. Runny nose. Fever. Clingy. Not sleeping. Not eating well at all. Spitting out medicine. Spitting out food. Generally crabby and uncooperative, and well, female.

Grandmother's hard work paid off. Unfortunately she left before she knew that Little One spring a tooth on the bottom. We'll tell her tomorrow.

So, now My Little One is ferocious. She even tried to chomp me up!! She came right at me, mouth agape, voice growling at me, tooth barely peeking through, and nearly landed on my jugular! But I was agile. Luckily I averted the impending doom by tickling her!

Mommies always win. :)