Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twenty One Number Ones

On 1310 AM The Ticket today, The Hardline (evenings 3-7) was reviewing Corby's list of songs that were number one on the U.S. music charts from his birthday through age 21.  Danny reviewed his last week (I missed it), and next up is The Old Gray Wolf himself, Mike.

Inspired by the segment, I decided to post *my* list of songs that were number one on the U.S. music charts from January 27, 1971 until my 21st birthday in 1992.

Being born in the 70's will make some interesting findings, I'm sure. The decade was hippie-laden and disco funky. I came of age in the 80's. Though I'm not much of a traditional 80's music fan, I'm sure to get a giggle or seven from the list. I turned 21 in the early 90's and was sort of out of the music scene by then, too wrapped up in a new nephew, my boyfriend, college and other silly stuff.

71:  Knock Three Times ~ Tony Orlando & Dawn
72:  American Pie ~ Don McLean
73:  Superstition ~ Stevie Wonder
74:  The Way We Were ~ Barbara Streisand
75:  Laughter In The Rain ~ Neil Diamond
76:  Love Rollercoaster ~ Ohio Players
77:  Car Wash ~ Rose Royce
78:  Baby Come Back ~ Player
79:  Le Freak ~ Chic
80:  Rock With You ~ Michael Jackson
81:  The Tide Is High ~ Blondie
82:  I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) ~ Hall & Oates
83:  Down Under ~ Men At Work
84:  Owner Of A Lonely Heart ~ Yes
85:  I Want To Know What Love Is ~ Foreigner
86:  That's What Friends Are For ~ Dionne & Friends
87:  At This Moment ~ Billy Barrett & The Beaters
88:  Need You Tonight ~ INXS
89:  Two Hearts ~ Phil Collins (*year I graduated high school. My class song was "Forever Young by Rod Stewart. #jackietrivia)
90:  How Am I Supposed To Live Without You ~ Michael Bolton
91:  The First Time ~ Surface
92:  Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ~ Elton John & George Michael

Well, well, well....all in all, I'd say January 27th folks fared very well in music! Throw out the hoaky song of 1990, overall, the list is decent. 

Accounting for inflation and depreciation, amortized over 35 years, anyone else see the giggle in the fact that a group called "Player" sang a song called "Baby Come Back"? (1978)

The songs I'd never heard (of) until compiling this list:

* Laughter In The Rain:  Now that I've listened to the song, I realize I HAVE heard the song! I love the interwebs!

* Love Rollercoaster (had to post it for Wolfman Jack greatness!). Now that I've listened to the song, I realize I HAVE heard the song (redux)! I can tell you with 1000% certainty I didn't know until *this blog post* that the superhighpitched part, those dudes are saying "rollahcoastah". Wow. I feel very, very whitegirl, yet so enlightened (no pun intended).

* The First Time: Now that I've listened to the song, I realize I HAVE heard the song (redoux)! What a way to end my list! NOT a fan of this song. No wonder I checked out of music in the early 90's.....

Sadly, no Duran Duran. My favorite band, a band Of The Eighties, not on my list. I'm rather sad about this..... Not even one!#seewhatididthere

I'm going to go look up my family's as well as mine for the UK Charts. I'm interested in comparing the U.S. to the U.K. list & I'll be sure to share it with you.

Go do yours and share your results!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

The File Room Lady

 The one sort of "friend" I've made at my new job got fired today.

Happy Friday the 13th to her, right? *party*

When embarking on my new job opportunity, I consciously decided I wouldn't make friends.  I would be nice, cordial, friendly, but not open to bonding.  I don't particularly want a lunch buddy, nor do I want to be involved in matters of your life.  I don't want to share my own life with co-workers.  It's enough for me to say "I'm sick and can't come in", and exchange niceties.  I don't want you knowing what my kids wore for Halloween, what I'm doing for Christmas, and so forth.  Moreover, I don't want to be a part of the gossip pool that exists in offices. I'm here to learn, to do, to leave.  

Yet, it started happening. I guess it can't not.  

There's one lady that worked in our file room that I found particularly interesting.  She was on contract-hire status.  She's from Mexico City. She moved from Mexico on her own to the United States - Houston, Texas - as a teenager so she could advance her education.  She knew no one.

She eventually got married, had a child.  That child now attends Southern Methodist University, studying science/pre-med, something or other.  The two of them moved to Dallas and live together; her husband remains in Houston. She doesn't allow her daughter to work so that she can concentrate on studies.

Given my background of living along the border, I found it easy to talk with her at certain company gatherings and the two of us tended to gravitate toward each other.  During an outing, she mentioned she's learning Hebrew.  Then she later shared she's Jewish -- NOT a convert, either!

I found this to be QUITE fascinating for, in all my years of being in El Paso, never had I heard of Mexican Jews! Given my interest in both culture and religion, I was naturally curious to learn more.  Conversation struck up from time to time.

I've not been at my current job for very long. I've noticed how some of my co-workers condescendingly talk to her, treat her.  I've admired how my "friend" worked through the mistreatment. After hearing a little about her plight, I understood better why she does.

The bottom line is that I feel like she's being wrongly fired. Like I said at the beginning of the blog, I've tried to steer clear from gossip and bonding. Yet, I still feel like there were times that she was on the black list.

Today, of all days (if you're the superstitious type), is the day my "friend" was Black Listed.

She is leaving with dignity and I praise her for working all day, completing as much as she could, even though she knew it was her last day.

I wish her luck. I wish her joy. I wish her peace. I wish her a good job where people treat her with dignity and respect. 

(How's that for a "fun" blog?! *goes back to the drawing board*)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


This blog isn't fun anymore is it? It's become rather heavy and serious. C'mon, you can be honest. 

It's b(L)ogged down by psychology psycho-babbleble, my life blah-ness, church stuff. (You should see the naughty I have in draft form! #storyofmylife) 

It isn't fun with words, great sports thoughts (ahem), light and silly pop-culture hoop-lah.  No more fantasizing with "Trust Fund Baby", or even sexy things.

What's happened to me?

I know what's happened.... *keeps them secret*

But it's time to break out! It's time to shed the heavy and be light. It's time to step out of the dark and into the light.


You go first.


Okay, fah realz.... Fun stuff coming soon. Who knows? I might even move over to Wordpress!


And yes, that's right, I type in twitter-ese sometimes now. Get used to it.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

My The Twittah Haikus

I spend A LOT of time on The Twittah (see side panel of thurr somewhurr~~>).  

You see, on The Twittah, it's fast and easy. For the A.D.D. individual, it's perfect. If you're not A.D.D. before being on The Twittah, you'll be come A.D.D. by being there.

Also on The Twittah, there are communities of people with vast talents and passions.  One can find *everything* there from church-related content, recipe sharing, political advocacy, word games, business promotion, sports scores, community events, naughtiness (and I don't mean merely flirting), etc.  It can be quite chatroom-ish.  Live tweeting during sporting events is fun. It's better than live blogging -- I would imagine. I remember Dan from [Redacted] would try to live blog The Bachelor and I never got that concept until I joined The Twittah.

Me? I've found a group of people who enjoy sports and The Ticket. I've found a handful of poets, writers and photographers that put up great stuff.  Maybe sometime I'll blog about my favorite creative The Twittah accounts.....

In my The Twittah activities, I've really tapped into the poetic and photographic parts, and those parts have, in turn, inspired growth in my own poetry and photography.  I use tumblr to feature some of my photographs, but others go straight to TwitPic or yfrog. 

There's this whole underbelly of The Twittah that I don't fully understand but I fully intend to someday (right when it becomes archaic...?).  I don't know if it's a bot or what, but when I tweet a haiku and hashtag it (#haiku), some force of space copies my haiku from The Twittah and posts it here.

The website is called Poeet.  I can only imagine that it's a combination of poet + tweet. *waits for the Nobel Peace Prize in Brilliance*

I have mixed feelings about this phenomenon, but the majority of me thinks it's pretty cool. So...enjoy my haikus however you are able to see them. If it's the CIA, though, I'm creeped out.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Did I Mention.....

.....27 shopping days left till my birthday!! GET BUSY, PEOPLE!

Approaching 41

Oh, and happy new year.