Monday, May 16, 2011

Vaginas and Such....

During Mass yesterday, at the end of the Our Father, My Little One asked me to pick her up "so I can sleep, Mama".  I broke hands with My Husband, scooped her 44 pound body up into my arms then reconnected with the prayer chain by hand -- awkwardly.

My Little One starts rubbing her cheek and nose against my left breast, then rubs my right one with her hand. The she gives that right one a good squeeze or two and looks up at me with a sleepy smile and says, "Mama, is this where the milk came from when you fed me as a little baby?" Then she giggled.

Sticking with the prayer, I nod with a humored smile, affirming that yes, that's the milk-a-plenty source.

She squirmed loose at the end of the prayer, so I gently helped her to her feet.

I feel her tiny hand patting my tummy, then looks up at me with that same curious smile, "Mama, where did I come from? Your butt or your vagina?"

Yes, I laugh. Not out loud, but I do laugh.

I kneel on the kneeler and slide my hand around her, pulling her very close to me so I can tell her in her ear, "my vagina".

"EEEWwwww! That's just disTURBing!" she whisper-giggles. "Did they give you a bath after that?!" she mutters between snickers.

I'm smiling and trying not to laugh, again, nodding my head 'yes'.

"Okay. GOOD!" she replied then knelt down too.


How was that for some random church chat?  *laughing*

Sunday, May 01, 2011

May First Is

May Day, Lei Day

The receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation for the kiddos at my church. You're on your own now! ;P (Congratulations!)

Beatification of (the now) Blessed Pope John Paul II

The Coronation of Mary, Queen of Heaven


The Feast of the Divine Mercy
(This is not the complete Chaplet, but it'll get you started....)